Christmas Fundraisers

Students love having the opportunity to gift their friends and significant others a sweet treat on a special occasion. That’s why candy grams are such a popular fundraising idea for schools! The purchasing student then provides the class schedule for the intended recipient, along with a personalized message. The candy gram is then delivered to the receiving student’s class at a later time in the day or week, allowing for an exciting surprise. Let everyone see the range of culinary traditions in your school community with an international food fair. This school fundraising idea features food prepared by parents, teachers and students that reflect their cultural backgrounds.
Another idea is to make handmade valentine’s which can be scanned, printed, and sold in sets. Ask businesses in your area to donate colorful cardstock and basic craft supplies to help offset the cost, and encourage everyone to make and send their own valentines. Team up with a specialist company to create a unique wristband for your school or club that can be sold to raise funds. Not for the feint hearted, you could organise a pet show where pupils bring their pets along. You could charge a small entrance fee and run some fun events during the day.
Most of the fundraising ideas we shared above are physical but do not forget about the digital. Your school’s website needs to be modern, functional, regularly updated, optimized for mobile, and able to receive donations. Having an online donation process can help relieve some of the work. Check out Donorbox – a powerful donation software that easily integrates into your website and allows you to receive both one-time and recurring donations. Elsewhere known as the “Penny Drive”, this fundraising idea is simple, yet very effective, as it utilizes the competitive spirit of high schoolers. The students can then add their spare change to the jars until they’re full.
S’mores are always a crowd-pleaser, so plan a s’mores night for your next school fundraiser. Charge admission to the event and be sure you have all the supplies you need — marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and roasting sticks. You’ll also need fire pits or portable fire bowls in a safe outdoor area to make the s’mores. Provide seating and blankets, string lights and decorate the area to create a fun environment. Sell hot chocolate, apple cider and other snacks and drinks to round out the event.
Teachers, parents, and neighborhood members pay $50 for individual spots in the school parking lot to set up and sell all of their junk (treasures). This is a speedy way to raise money and get acquainted with the community. Profits on Smencil school fundraiser pencils are extremely easy to calculate since you are buying them by the case. Your supporters could ask their friends and family to donate to your organization in lieu of a birthday gift, commit to a challenge or fundraise at school or work. When organizing a golf tournament fundraiser, soliciting event sponsorships from local businesses is key.